Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And here is my fireplace all decked out with antique and vintage things...all in whites, silvers, and golds! I have five dolls over 100 years old thanks to my other "sister" Molly who is president of Bebes of the Woods, a antique doll collector club here in Big Bear! My favorite and one most collectors want is my Jumeau, a French doll, on the right hand side looking at the tree. Molly has collected over 40+ years and is sharing her dolls with those of us who are just new should see her collection! Each year I add new pieces...recently, it has been furniture to create little vignettes. You can also see my prized Santa Quilt piece, a gift a long time ago from my friend in Ohio, Sherry, who I worked with! Oh, how I love Christmas!

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