Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well, now to my small living room/kitchen adjoining...Little space but lots packed in! This is my Santa tree-used to be real but with fireplace and small space, needed to do an artificial one. Guess I live with our "real" Blue Spruce that is decorated outside!

This tree just has Santas which I collect! Even the top is a brush star with Santa!

And then there are my favs...Joe Spencer Santa and Analee Mouse and other dolls! My Googly is a reproduction doll from my "sister", Heidi, and she is so lovely with her handmade, crocheted outfit-my antique doll club birthday present!

An of course, living in Big Bear Lake, surrounded by wildlife, I have my many "friends from the woods! A wood chipmunk and an owl are a few...the rest on up above on a bookshelf!

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