Monday, January 14, 2013

Our little group, Queens of Challenges, here in Big Bear Lake are beginning a year-long 2013 challenge to create ATC's that promote our preferred medium! There are seven artists...painters, mosaics, jewelry, bears & speciality crochet, metal, quilter, and doll maker...such a great and enthusiastic group! Many of us are using this opportunity to use new techniques on snall cards!

Every other month, we create one card so at the end, each of us will have one from each artist. We are meeting to share "the hows" and exchange. In December, at the end of our challenge and hopefully, thoughts of a new one for 2014, we will exchange our challenge containers made from old band aid metal boxes!

I will post at the end of our first exchange which is the end of February so stay tuned to see the works of miniature art that all these artists produce! Below, you see Sally Sherlock, a mosaic and repurposing artist, at our kick-off luncheon in my home just after New Years! Oh what fun...

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